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Dr. Paras Wellness Pvt. Ltd. is headed by Dr. Paras, Kalpna Joshi, and Ekktaa Daithankar. Together, they are on a journey to raise awareness in the areas of mental well-being while offering innovative solutions through their products and services. The company runs Matrrix - a premium life leadership coaching and training brand in the areas of coach certification, training, and mentoring. They also offer unique coaching methods, training, mentoring solutions along with counseling and healing services for corporates and individuals. Dr. Paras Wellness offers innovation through the Mindfulness Practitioner app and retreats aimed to integrate mindfulness practices into one’s daily life. Tava-Mitram, a not-for-profit organization run by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation (IIUEF) is another value addition to their already existing services. IIUEF is an examination body and conducts an examination process.

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  • Innovation
  • Greater Success Rate
  • 100% Assurance and Reliability
  • Wider Range of Services
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Driven with a Purpose
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Dr. Paras Wellness

Inspire Self, Empower Others, Transform Generations
How important is mental well-being? We share our thoughts.

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Explore Matrrix - a Life Leadership and Corporate Training Solutions brand by Dr. Paras Wellness.

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NLP Training Certification

Be a Licensed NLP Practitioner with Dr. Paras Wellness. Certifications signed by Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. Paras.

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Mental Strength Professional

Build mental health with expert counselors, coaches, therapists, healers. Get guidance to live a purposeful life.

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Mindfulness Practitioner

Get your Mindfulness Practitioner Certification to launch a new career. Join Mindfulness retreats.

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Hypnotherapy Certifications

Be a Certified Hypnotist with Dr. Paras Wellness. Get authentic certification. Learn more.

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Assessment Portal

Matrrix offers free and premium psychometric personality assessments designed for professionals, individuals, corporates, students, and more.
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Tava-Mitram uses the power of coaching and offers free group coaching sessions for the less-fortunate.

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Coach Dr Paras

Meet Life Leadership Coach, Dr. Paras, and know his services and signature programs.

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Book a free consultation with Coach Dr.Paras

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Feminism is simply a concept of levelled perception and equal growth. It is best, if we leave it at that....

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How to spot a Faux Feminist in a relationship?

When feminism was conceptualised during the 19th century, it was the battle of equality.

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How to spot a Faux Feminist in a relationship?

Feminism is simply a concept of levelled perception and equal growth. It is best, if we leave it at that....

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