Life Leadership Coaching

Matrrix offers exclusive and professional Life Leadership coaching sessions by Dr. Paras. The program creates a transformation process for individuals looking to create new habits for success. ICF certified Life Leadership Coach Dr. Paras trains professionals to learn techniques that bring the focus on self. A Life Coach is that ‘Courage Catalyst’ and this program empowers professionals from within.

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Matrrix offers Executive Coaching for professionals looking to work with others with a focus on self-awareness, self-development and clarity, discovering potential, and more. The certification offers professionals techniques to be a trained coach and enhance the client’s leadership skills, and overall performance in organizations. Matrrix offers many features and these can be customized accordingly. The program is devised including the core competencies as outlined by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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Mental Strength Professionals

Matrrix offers counseling, and healing services through their expert counselors termed as Mental Strength Professionals. They (MSPs) work on building mental strength to guide clients towards embracing new thoughts and receive clarity in life. MSPs offer solutions for career counseling, depression, anxiety, stress and worry, mid-life crises, relationship problems, divorce, self-confidence, personal development, and more. They are a team of highly trained professionals in the areas of mental health and counseling.

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Matrrix offers exclusive Mindfulness retreats at exotic locations. The retreats are aimed to make every person learn the practice of mindfulness in the natural backdrop of nature. The retreat is a learning experience offered in a calm surrounding. Every person learns to connect deeper with themselves while knowing how to develop mindfulness in every moment. The retreat offers relaxation along with learning making it a winning combination for stressed professionals, homemakers, and anyone looking to embrace life with a new thought process.

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Assessments are a part of knowing one’s personality and taking the necessary steps towards self-development. The Matrrix Personality assessments offer tests on subjects that include career, relationships, conflicts, emotions, and more. These give every user an in-depth look at their thought processes through the detailed analysis. Personality Assessments offer an opportunity for every individual to reprogram their thinking and approach to life to create winning results.

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