NLP Practitioner Certification

Matrrix offers Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certifications (India) to master the brain and design a life one desires. Join to display excellence in every field using NLP techniques. Produce winning results in your personal and professional life. Launch your career as an NLP Practitioner with certificates signed personally by Dr. Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) and Dr. Paras.

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Licensed Mindfulness Practitioner Program

The Matrrix Mindfulness Practitioner program is created to develop the practice of mindfulness, daily. The Practitioner program, devised by Dr. Paras, offers authentic Mindfulness Certification for attendees. People attending the program learn the skills to practice on self and others. This is a holistic learning process that brings a great chance of being mindful in every moment. Matrrix also offers retreats for those who want to learn mindfulness as a personal goal in a relaxed ambiance while de-stressing from life.

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Hypnotherapy Certification

The Matrrix Hypnotherapy Certification program offers authentic learning towards guided hypnosis. Dr. Paras outlines methods and techniques that help individuals rediscover their potential. Individuals attending the sessions and completion of all levels receive certification to begin their hypnotherapy practice. This Hypnotherapy Certification allows professionals to embark on a meaningful career path to heal lives.

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We offer professional counseling techniques in specifically curated programs for all aspiring people in pursuit of the best quality education. The certification program offers basic and advanced levels in the areas of counseling theories and techniques. The programs focus on developing 11 core competencies in professionals who gain a wider view towards understanding the counseling process. Individuals signing up for this course are ready to embark on their counseling career in their chosen areas of expertise armed with the knowledge and certification from Matrrix.

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Advance Train the Trainer

Matrrix has a range of training programs for aspiring or practicing trainers. The Advance Train the Trainer program guides professionals to work on their overall skills to become powerful instructors. From presentation skills, instructional skills, and facilitation skills, the program is suitable for all looking to embark on a training career. The program offers advanced methods to turn professionals into powerful facilitators in their careers.

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Train the Trainer - Communication Skills

This program is devised to equip trainers with the most effective communication skills needed to begin their training sessions. The sessions are created to equip trainers to work effectively across different age groups, community, ethnicity, and more. Trainers learn a versatile approach to communication wherein constructive feedback, listening skills, professional etiquette, and more form an important part of their training style.

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Train the Trainer - Conflict Management

All aspiring and professional trainers need to equip themselves with the methods and tools needed for conflict management. Matrrix offers authentic certification to trainers looking to handle conflicts in tough situations while creating positive outcomes. Professionals learn a deep analysis of situations with a better understanding of managing emotions. Trainers learn the gentle balance of assertiveness and being tactful to resolve conflicts with great ease.

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Train the Trainer - Emotional Intelligence

The Matrrix Emotional Intelligence Train the Trainer program is useful to help trainers understand the qualities required to develop EI levels and use them in day-to-day life. Trainers learn about the Permission Wheel in Transactional Analysis, the process of filtration, developing empathy, and the understanding of Strokes from TA. All these are important skills that take the training to a high level for every participant.

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Train the Trainer - Stress Management

This training session by Matrrix uses a combination of techniques that make trainers understand their own emotions, reactions, and actions. They dive deep into understanding self while working with others. Trainers learn to observe thoughts while learning powerful techniques such as REBT (Rational Emotional Behavior Technique), affirmation techniques, hypnosis techniques and many more. Trainers are taught to work around emotions while understanding the concept of mindfulness and integrating it in their daily life.

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Dr. Paras has empowered thousands of people across the globe through his teachings. He began his journey of transformation at an early age as he discovered the power of the mind. His life coaching journey along with the use of mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and most recently - Neuro-linguistic programming, has led him to write down his experiences for the benefit of all readers. Dr. Paras has published ebooks and thoughtful blogs that share his theory on psychology and human behavior. Get free access to his teachings through his ebooks, blogs, podcasts, and more.

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Mindfulness Practitioner App

Dr. Paras, a certified Mindfulness Practitioner, has successfully launched the Matrrix Mindfulness Practitioner App. He offers meditation sessions that inspire his followers to initiate a change from within. These sessions offer the concept of ‘Mindfulness in the pocket’ via the app format. Users can easily tune in to the sessions anytime and learn new habits to make mindfulness a part of their daily routine.

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